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Carbide Parts


Tungsten Carbide and Advanced Grades


This information is taken from two of our books: Building Superior Brazed Tools and Braze Failure Analysis


Tungsten Carbide

  1. Carbide & other Tool Tipping Materials
  2. Carbide Properties
  3. Tungsten Carbide Production
  4. How Carbide Powder is Pressed
  5. Cobalt as a Carbide Binder
  6. Carbide Surface Treatments
  7. Carbide Wetting Tests
  8. Carbide Grades
  9. Carbide Grade Cross-Referencing 
  10. Importance of Quality Carbide 
  11. Selecting Tungsten Carbide
  12. Quality Specifications for Carbide
  13. Carbide Specification Checklist
  14. Common Carbide Defects
  15. Carbide Wear
  16. Chipping Carbide
  17. Crack Initiation & Propagation
  18. Cracked Carbide Tips on a new Saw Blade
  19. Automatic Brazing Standards 
  20. Welding Tungsten Carbide
  21. Brazing- Health and Safety
  22. Grinding – Health and Safety
  23. Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Wear Cutting Gypsum
  24. Why Special Carbide Shapes are Expensive 
  25. Supercushions

Advanced Materials 

  1. Cermet II Saw Tips
  2. President's Letter about Cermet II Saws
  3. Cermet Definition
  4. Making Cermet II Materials
  5. Cermet II Performance Tests
  6. Advanced Material in Industrial Applications
  7. Cermet II Cutting Speed
  8. Carbide and Cermet Custom Tooling Applications
  9. Potter Lumber reports on Cermet II
  10. Customer Testimonials & User Reviews


Advanced Material and Innovation in Tooling Combine to make a better Saw Blade.

Our advanced Cermet II material and the finest Saw plate double tensioned to ensure the flatest structure combine to create a truly superior Saw Blade. Our LongLife Saw Blades are truly unique. They are tipped with a special Cermett II material that is both more wear resistant and tougher than Carbide. These special tips stay cooler and sharper longer, yielding a faster feed speed, and more time between sharpening. They have been tested over and over to ensure their exceptional performance is consistent. LongLife Saw Blades have proven to be a superior tool both in the lab, and in the workshop. See charts and data of their performance compared to carbide in the Scientific Forintek review, and Customer Testimonials.