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Custom Carbide and Cermet Tools

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Custom Carbide and Cermet Tools

Tungsten Carbide and Cermet II Tools


We Sell Standard and Advanced Grades of Tungsten Carbide

You can have carbide that works 2, 3 even 5 times as long as your present carbide grade.  It will take a sharper edge, be harder to break and require much less servicing.  Refer to our Carbide and Advanced Materials index for more information on these advanced grades of Carbide.      

This will give you the best performing, most reliable carbide parts in the world.  We are experts in tungsten carbide for applications where it really, really has to work. 

If you are having trouble, want a better grade of carbide, want to replace carbide with ceramics or have a brand new idea we are probably your best source for materials and information.  We love to make Custom Tools, and have solved many customers' problems in the past with custom tooling. 

Below are just a few of the applications where we have been able to supply an advanced carbide grade and technical expertise to solve customer problems. 



Carbide used to duplicate adze marks on antique beams



Hand tools





Sectioned carbide tipped stump grinder


Carbide used in hammer mill


Bed spring winder



Harrow tip


.5" x .025" carbide butt brazed to steel for thread cutter


Blades, Bits & Drills


Wear Inserts





Carbide seal for oil well drilling


Carbide tipped scraper for removing  ceramic tile from concrete floors.