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Router Bits

For router cutting we've got router bits for every woodworking routing application from mortise and tennon to rabbet and dado to raised panel construction. From plunge routers to CNC you'll find all your router tooling needs right here.  Need a Custom Router bit for a special application?  We love to do custom work.  Get a quote on a Custom Router Bit or Call 800-346-8274 for a quote.

We sell router bits from several different manufacturers including Fine Woodworking Magazine's top rated router bit brand Whiteside, and Southeast Tool - Rated Excellent by Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Don't forget to see our CNC Parts and Accessories for additional CNC tooling, our Router Accessories category for portable router tooling accessories, or our Router Tables section for a huge selection of router table products.


Router Bit Accessories

Choose from a great selection of router bit accessories for all types of woodworking routers from Whiteside and Southeast Tool.

 Route Bit Set  

Router Bit Sets

General purpose sets great for getting started as well as specialty sets for plastics, door and cabinet making, CNC routers and more.

 Spiral Router Bits  

Spiral Flute Router Bits

Flat bottom upcut, downcut and compression spirals with 1 to 4 flutes for roughing, finishing, chipbreaking and general purpose. For low-helix (slow) spirals see Plastic Cutting Router Bits.

 Straight Router Bits  

Straight Flute Router Bits

Carbide tipped, carbide insert, solid carbide and diamond tipped bits in all sizes.

 Grooving Router Bit Profiles  

Grooving Router Bits

V-groove, T-slot and fancy shaped profiles for cutting into the face of a panel or part. These bits do not include a bearing and are capable of plunging directly into a panel or part face. For flat grooving (such as dados) and template cutting see Straight Flute or Spiral Flute Router Bits.

 Jointing Router Bit Profiles  

Jointing Router Bits

Router bits for creating wood joints including rabbeting, tongue and groove, dovetail, lock-miter and other glue joints.


Slotting Router Bits

Router bits for creating slots including rabbeting, Key hole, 2 wing and 3 wing slot cutters.

 Profile Router Bits  

Profiling Router Bits

A wide variety of router bits for outer edge shaping, moldings, picture frames, etc. These bits typically include a bearing and are not suitable for plunging directly into the surface of a panel.

 Door and Window Router Bit Profiles  

Door and Window Router Bits

Stile and Rail, Finger Pull, Raised Panel and more for creating doors and windows.

 Trimming and Beveling Router Bits  

Trimming & Beveling Router Bits

Router bits for flush trimming and back-beveling laminates and other post-bonded materials. See Profiling Router Bits for larger edge chamfer bits.

 Solid Surface Router Bits  

Solid Surface Router Bits

Trimming, beveling and specialty bits designed specifically for solid surface.

 Plastic Cutting Router Bits  

Plastic Cutting Router Bits

O-flute and low helix (slow) spirals as well as specialty bits for cutting acrylic, phenolic, fiberglass and other man-made composites. Many of these bits may also work well for non-ferrous soft metals such as aluminum, copper, etc.

 CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Bit  

CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bits

Straight cutting or upshear.