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Building Superior Brazed Tools Book Cover

Building Superior Brazed Tools

265 pages, 390 Illustrations, 70 chapters, 200 pages on tool building plus 15 chapters on safety and health.

This book was written as an overview of current technologies. It is based on twenty six years of helping people building better tools. Building Superior Brazed tools gives great, in depth material on selecting the right materials and using them. It is for those that wish to build the very best with the current and next generation technologies.


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Braze Failure Analysis Book Cover

Braze Failure Analysis, Especially Failure Analysis in Brazed Tools

This book was originally written for a very narrow audience, those that braze tungsten carbide for tools. However it has found wide acceptance because of the wide use of pictures. As one reviewer in the automotive industry pointed out, bad braze joints look the same for the same reason no matter what the materials are. We will show you many of them and explain how they occur and how to easily and simply fix them.


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Managing Coolants Book Cover

Managing Coolants from Machining and Grinding Operations

Contents:  What is in Dirty Coolants, Benefits of Overall Cleanliness Especially Coolant Filtering, Case Studies, Annual Cost and payback Calculations, What you Filter out of Coolant, Cutting Costs with Coolant Management, What Coolant Is and Does, Types Of Coolants, Example of a Synthetic Coolant, Coolant Selection, Water Quality, Parts Of A Coolant Management Program, How To Get Coolant Where You Need It, Why Coolants Become Unusable, Sump Cleaning, Cleaning Systems, Example: Filtering Carbide Grinding Coolant, Kinds of Filters, Filtering EDM Fluids, Testing, Sample Coolant Analysis, One Bottle Coolant Testing, Disposal Of Used Fluids And Sludge, Health and Safety Concerns, Example: A Good Material Safety Data Sheet, Air Collection Information and Equipment, Disposal And Environmental Issues, Kinds Of Waste Disposal


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Carbide Saw Manual Book Cover

Carbide Saw Manual

Lowell Freeborn is widely acclaimed as a genius in the tool industry. He started SystiMatic with Bob Budke and then went on to found Freeborn Tool.

Among the many ways his genius manifested itself was in his ability to make very technical issues very clear while still being entirely accurate.

His description of saw hammering is perhaps the shortest and clearest ever written.


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Carbide Saw Specification Manual Book Cover

Carbide Saw Specification Manual

Contents: General Specifications, Saw Plates Concentricity, Outside Diameter, Thickness, Hardness, Saw Plates Flatness, Saw Plates Runout, Saw Plates Finish, Saw Plates Spline, Saw Plates Bore, Pin or Bolt Holes, Gullet Profile, Saw Plates - Carbide Notch, Strob Saws Slots, Carbide Tips Concentricity, Hardness and/or Grade, Size and Placement, Grinding, Brazing, Strob Saws Cutters, Equipment for Quality Control.


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