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Carbide Saw Manual

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Carbide Saw Manual

© 1977 by Lowell C. Freeborn



This manual was prepared for the purpose of helping anyone interested in the servicing of carbide-tipped circular saw blades.  If it helps in any small way, it will be most gratifying to the author.

  Saw Terms And Ordering Information
  Saw Gauge Equivalents
  Saw Tooth Load
  Edger Saw Design Calculations
  Triple Chip Grinding Chart
  Grinding Shop Order Flow
  Saw Steel
  Diamond Grinding
  Grinding Carbide Saws
  Carbide Saw Sharpening Guidelines
  Saw Styles

Problems And Answers


Editor’s Comments:

As I write this it is 2010 and this book is thirty-three years old.   It is still an extremely good book and is much better, in many ways than anything else available. 

The copy I had to work with is a copy of a copy and so on.  I have used as much original material as possible.  I think the saw blade pictures are sufficient especially since the accompanying drawings are excellent.    

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Lowell Freeborn but several things have become clear in this project.  He has a true gift for explaining very complicated matters in a very simple and clear manner. 

Much of this book is dated.  The metric / inch conversion tables use the old conversion figure and many of the carbide companies referenced are long gone.  I have included only the chapters that are still relevant.  If you wish I will be happy to email you a complete copy as a pdf upon request.  


Thomas J. Walz


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