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Cutting Tool Storage

You invest a lot in your cutting tools and you count on them to be there when you need them.  It only makes sense to invest in a reliable tool bit storage solution to organize them, keep them safe and readily available for when you really need them.

We now carry CNC Tool Storage systems, Tool Carts and Cutting Tool Dispensers from Huot.  Huot manufactures all of their Tool Storage Systems and Tool Dispensers right here in the USA.  They have been manufacturing durable, dependable Tool Storage units for over 80 years.

Each Huot cutting tool storage system is designed and built to meet the most exacting standards and specifications, earning the highest international certifications for quality according to ISO 9001.

 CNC Toolholder Carts  

 CNC Tool Storage Carts

CNC Tool storage carts provide the most flexibility when moving cutting tools from tool room to machine or sharing with multiiple machines. Many optional configurations are available.

 CNC Toolholder Racks - Floor Mount  

 CNC Tool Storage Racks - Floor Mount

Floor mount CNC tool storage racks are available in different sizes and may be stacked for even more storage. Optional shelves, doors and more are available.

 CNC Toolholder Racks - Wall Mount  

 CNC Tool Storage Racks - Wall Mount

Wall mount CNC tool storage racks are available with or without an enclosure. Shelves can be set flat or at a 20 degree angle for easier access.

 CNC Toolholder Racks - Bench Mount  

 CNC Tool Storage Racks - Bench Top

Compact bench top CNC tool storage racks organize your toolholders, collets, or both.

 Cutting Tool Dispensers - Lockable  

 Cutting Tool Dispensers - Lockable

These cutting tool storage cabinets provide the utmost in security as well as convenience. Use anywhere theft or industrial espionage may be an issue.

 Cutting Tool Dispensers - Non Lockable  

 Cutting Tool Dispensers - Non-Lockable

These dispensers for drills, reamers, router bits and more can be used anywhere security is not an issue. Many can also be stacked together and locked inside a single cabinet or tool room for one key access.

 Drill - Tap - Reamer Indexes  

 Drill - Tap - Reamer Indexes

Pre-marked tool storage for all your drills, taps and reamers.

 Cutting Tool Protection  

 Cutting Tool Protection

Protective covers for your cutting tools keep operators safe and prevent tool damage caused by bumping into other tools.

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