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Brazing Carbide

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Brazing Carbide

Buy Carbide Braze Alloy or Carbide Brazing Services 

While we no longer offer brazing services our founder, Tom Walz, was an innovator in the industry and has created a wealth of technical information that we wanted to continue to make available to our customers.

This information is taken from two of our brazing books; Building Superior Brazed Tools 2008 and Braze Failure Analysis 2008.

How to Braze
  1. Brazing Process Overview 
  2. Brazing Tungsten Carbide
  3. Advanced Brazing Training 
  4. Calculating the Amount of Braze Alloy to Use 
  5. Brazing & Welding Differences 
  6. Brazing Carbide in a Notch 
  7. Cleaning Steel 
  8. Brazing Laser Cut Steel 
  9. Welding Tungsten Carbide 
  10. Brazing with Propane
  11. Brazing Gases
  12. Brazing Ceramics with Standard Alloys
  13. Bandsaw Blade Brazing
  14. Special Brazing Projects
Braze Alloys (Silver Brazing)
  1. Choosing the Right Braze Alloy
  2. Braze Alloy Sizes and Yields
  3. Buying Braze Alloys
  4. Brazing with Trimetal Shim
  5. Pretinning
  6. Brazing Flux
  7. How Flux Affects Brazing
Braze Joint Failure
  1. Simple Solutions to Brazing Problems
  2. Braze Failure Analysis
  3. Saw Blade Analysis
  4. Cutter Failure- Surfaces, Heating
  5. Router Bit Failure
  6. Debarker- Tip Failure & Loss
  7. Bad Surface and Gumming
  8. Holes in Braze Alloy
  9. Braze Alloy Pushed out of the Brazing Joint