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Brazing Alloys

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Brazing Alloys

Your Very Best Source For Silver Brazing & Brazing Metals

If you have any brazing problems or if you want stronger joints we can almost certainly help.  We can probably save you money, as well.  Get a Free quote on Brazing services or browse through some of our articles on How to Braze.


Brazing alloy designations are set by the American Welding Society, The AWS specifications call for tolerances of +/- 1% so a 50% braze alloy could be between 49% and 51%.


With the advent of precision automatic brazing equipment we have tightened our tolerance so that we measure them in parts per million (0.0001%) A difference of 2 % (49% to 51%) in metal content can make a significant difference in braze alloy behavior.


We work hard to offer the best selection at the lowest cost.  The price of silver changes every day.  One supplier may have the best price one day, but a higher price the next.  Because of this fact, we use seventeen different suppliers so that we can find the highest quality at the lowest price.

We wrote tight and clear quality standards and then we went around the world to find all the suppliers that could meet our needs.


The price of silver changes every day. When you call us for a quote we go to our suppliers for the best price. If you don't like the price we get for you we go back to them and tell them. We actively use seventeen suppliers because some are lower one day than another.


The right alloy for your needs.  A 
simple switch in alloy can make the difference between 25% failure and 100% success.


The support you deserve.
No matter what you buy from us we can and will tell you how to use it.

Unequalled help for problem solving.
Our book on braze failure analysis is excellent for trouble shooting. We also do individual analysis and will even travel to consult and teach.