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We sell a wide variety of woodworking tools, and have always had a great respect and appreciation for the amazing and beautiful things people can do with these tools.  Here you will find Some truly incredible projects by woodworkers who were kind enough to share some of their woodwork with us.  We will be featuring new projects by woodworkers every week and letting you know some of the tools they used to create their woodworking masterpieces. 

If you have a project you would like to share, please Click Here to upload your photos (this will open a new window or tab in your browser with a submission form) or email Whitney at  Thank you to everyone who shares and I hope everyone is able to enjoy the beauty, hard work and dedication that goes into these great woodworks as much as we do.

Thank you Thomas for sharing your woodworks with us! You can see more of Thomas' work at WWW.PRUSAKS.COM

Thomas used many different tools to create his projects.  Below is a list of some of the tools he used:

*The links below do not relate to the specific items Thomas used, but are where you can purchase the same type of quality tools.

  • Duplicator
  • Power Carver
  • Palm Sander
  • Files


"Built this trap shooting gunstock as a surprise gift for my dad"

 James Bodine purchased the Oshlun 8", 42 tooth Dado Set and and got great results for his walnut and pecan application. 


"There is a lot of carbide on these blades and chippers, and should be good to go for many years, thank you Carbide Processors!"


I look forward to having more participants and showing off more beautiful woodworking projects from all of you.

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