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Watch our informational videos on BrazingInduction Brazing- heating carbide vs heating steel, Induction Brazing- melting braze on carbide, Fire Brick Saw,  What to look for when choosing Saw Plate LongLife Saw Blades, and a really great Bandsaw Video (You will be amazed!).



Brazing Video:

Two short videos that show how to braze, with tips on how much flux and braze alloy to use.





Induction Brazing- Heating Carbide vs Heating Steel:

Instructive video where Tom uses Induction brazing to show the difference in how Carbide heats up and steel heats up.  Tom points out the relevence of this experiment while offering some tips when brazing steel to carbide.






Induction Brazing- melting Braze on Carbide:

Instructive video where Tom uses an induction oven to demonstate how Braze alloy or silver solder melts onto carbide, and the importance of flux during this process.


coming soon




Fire Brick Saw:

These highly durable Nickel Chrome blades are specially designed to cut porous insulating fire bricks.  Unlike other saw blades, Fire Brick Saw Blades are made for cutting the a more abrasive and brittle material and wont dull or cause the bricks to crumble.  Click here to order your Fire Brick Saw.




What to Look for When Choosing Saw Plate:

Saw Expert Cliff Gordon Explains what to look for when choosing a quality Saw Plate, and the differences each one may have.




Shop for Saw Plate from one of our three suppliers: Western Saw, Sonoma Saw, and Peerless.




LongLife Saw Blades:







Bandsaw Magic:

This video is from, a Video Magazine Company.