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Custom Tooling

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We have over 30 years experience in the woodworking industry and have solved many problems for numerous happy customers with our custom tooling.  If you need some custom tool work done let us know.  We love to do custom work.  We have specialized in custom saw blades, custom router bits, special brazing jobs, machine coolant filter units and much more.

Get a quote on one of our Custom Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades,one of our Custom Router Bits or other custom Carbide Parts.

Why go with custom tooling?

We have learned from experience that behind each really good custom tool is a huge body of knowledge and experience combined with the very best materials.  Using quality tools and making sure you have the right tool for the job can make a huge impact on the end result of the work.  We have the ability to create just the right tool for the job.  If you need a Special Saw Blade for a very specific application we can not only help with the design, but give you a saw blade with longer tool life and cleaner cuts that simply works just the way you need it to.  

There are fourteen kinds of saw steel, fifty kinds of braze alloy and five thousands grades of carbide.  They can be put together in thousands of ways according to hundreds of designs.   Something as simple as a 5 degree difference in a California triple chip can make a huge difference in performance.  Our custom router bits allow you to create truly unique, clean, and beautiful cuts which give an incredible end result you couldn't get with a standard router bit.  

We also specialize in brazing materials and services, and special grades and sizes of carbide.  To create a quality tool you need the right materials.  We have them.  A minor difference in alloy chemistry can make a difference of 70% or more in bond strength and joint performance.  We have done extensive testing to know just the right alloys to use and what applications to use them for.  Our brazing services are patented with proven fracture prevention technology.  We have been an industry leader in brazing for over 20 years and have pioneered new brazing techniques that are more fracture resistant and simply improve the quality of the tools. Our exclusive patented techniques prevents gaints, tool breakage, and creates stronger brazed joints.  We offer carbide in any shape or size.  Choose from over 5,000 different grades including our Super C grade of carbide and our Cermet grades Our carbide is proven to be more fracture resistant and last longer.       

Braze Alloy Worlds Best Saw Blade Pre-Tinned Saw Tips
One of our special brazing projects. One of our custom saw blades with cermet Saw tips Our Pretinning services.