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Silky Saw

New: For more direct product information and support, please call the manufacturer at 800-525-8873

Silky Saw manufactures some of the fastest and smoothest cutting hand saws in the world.  Silky Saws are made from the finest Japanese Steel and are rated the #1 preferred saw for both outdoor and woodworking. 

Through decades of technological innovation and modern ergonomic advances, Silky Saw has consistently produced cutting hand saws with unmatched cutting speed, precision and comfort.  The combination of top quality raw materials, superior craftsmanship,  and close to 100 years of hand saw technology makes Silky your best option for a portable folding saw, pruning saw, or camping saw.

What makes Silky Hand Saws so Unique?

  • Unmatched Premium quality Japanese Steel. 
  • Silky Hand Saws have taper ground blades to minimize friction while maintaining maximum rigidity
  • Maximum cutting speed from 4-Retsume and Mirai-Me technology
  • Impulse hardening technology for the longest blade life without compromising flexibility
  • Chrome hardened blades to minimize corrosion, resist resins, and reduce friction
  • superior grips and the best ergonomic design for superior comfort.