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Insert Tooling

Designed and manufactured by Vortex Tool with both bodies and replacements produced on CNC machinery. We have Insert V-Groove Cutters, Insert Spoilboard Cutters, Insert Round and Rout Cutters and Insert MDF Door Sets.  Insert designs vary depending on the applications.  Vortex not only manufactures router tooling but bore type tooling as well.

Carbide tool inserts by Vortex Tool are profile ground on a state-of-the-art CNC grinder and then "lap" faced producing the sharpest edge quality possible. Bodies and carbide cutting inserts are fully engineered which assures future replacements to be accurate and exact.

Tool balance is a very important factor with the perfromance of cutting tools and can be overlooked often. There are several elements that can have a direct coorelation with tool balance and they are: work piece finish, tool life, spindle temperature and life, horsepower consumption and feed rates. Additionally, machine wear and tear can be reduced significantly with having cutting tools that have been balanced properly.

All Vortex tool router bits are balanced to a G2.5 or better rating to ensure proper tool performance.  To get the most out of your insert bits, make sure the torque is even on your insert knives.  Using a Torque screwdriver can ensure that your torque is even and extend the life of your cutting tools.