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Entry Way Door Insert Bits


One Sided Insert Raised Panel Door Cutter

Designed to form the raised panels for your entry way door, the tool body accepts two different profiles. An integrated tool design is available eliminating the tool holder and collet resulting in less weight and runout with better balance.

Body #Bevel Insert #Cope Insert #Shank
8550 INS-8162-B INS-8162-C 3/4
8560 INS-8162-B INS-8162-C HSK63F Taper



Multi Profile Insert Entry Way Door Cutters

These multi profile insert tools are designed to cut both sides and have .005” fit tolerance between cope and stick patterns. Insert bodies are balanced to a G2.5 rating or better and can be used on conventional CNC routers. One set of inserts is included with the purchase of the body. These cutters are available in a 3/4” straight shank or an integrated HSK63F taper.

“Multi Profile” Cope Glass“Multi Profile” Stick Glass
8510 3/4” Shank Body 8515 3/4” Shank Body
8520 HSK63F Integrated Body 8525 HSK63F Integrated Body
INS-8283 Dbl Ogee Glass Cope Insert INS-8282 Dbl Ogee Glass Stick Insert
INS-8284 Bevel Glass Cope Insert INS-8286 Bevel Glass Stick Insert
INS-8285 Bead Glass Cope Insert INS-8287 Bead Glass Stick Insert


“Multi Profile” Cope Door“Multi Profile” Stick Door
8530 3/4” Shank Body 8535 3/4” Shank Body
8540 HSK63F Integrated Body 8545 HSK63F Integrated Body
INS-8280 Dbl Ogee Cope Door Insert INS-8281 Dbl Ogee Stick Door Insert
INS-8288 Bevel Cope Door Insert INS-8290 Bevel Stick Door Insert
INS-8289 Bead Cope Door Insert INS-8291 Bead Stick Door Insert

Made in AmericaVortex Tool Company router bits, boring bits and CNC tooling are proudly made in the USA.

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