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MDF Door Insert Bits

Vortex Tool MDF Door Insert Router Bits

Create MDF doors that look like standard raised panel wood doors with these replaceable carbide insert router bits from Vortex Tool.

By mixing and matching different profiles you can create hundreds of different door patterns.

Available in a set #7900 or individually as shown below:


MDF Door Outside Edge Profiles

Body Part #7962

Designed to separate door panels from sheet stock while forming the outer edge profile. These 2 flute router bits utilize a a capture groove to allow a small radius cut with interchangeable solid carbide inserts. 3/4" shank tool body and designed to cut .010" thru 3/4" sheet stock.

One tool body accepts all outside door edge carbide insert profiles.

 Profile Insert Part #  ProfileInsert Part #
 vortex-outside-insert-profile-7829.jpg  INS-7829   vortex-outside-insert-profile-8193.jpg  INS-8193
 vortex-outside-insert-profile-7962.jpg  INS-7962   vortex-outside-insert-profile-8213.jpg  INS-8213
 vortex-outside-insert-profile-8192.jpg  INS-8192   vortex-outside-insert-profile-8195.jpg  INS-8195



MDF Door Inside Edge Profiles

Inside Frame Roughing Profile

These router bits are used in conjuction with a corner cleaner bit to create the inside edge profile of the MDF door 'frame'. A raised panel cutter is then used to complete the look of a five piece door.

The bead profile body will accept a range of solid carbide inserts.

Body Part #Insert Part #ShankInside Profile
7960 INS-7960 3/4 Bevel
7964 INS-7964 3/4 Large Bead (3/8”R)
7964 INS-9358 3/4 Small Bead (1/4”R)
7964 INS-8209 3/4 Ogee*
7964 INS-8210 3/4 Bevel*

* "One Pass" cutters - meant to cut the inside door frame and raised panel in a single pass. No corner cleaning bits available for these profiles.



MDF Door Inside Edge Profiles

Inside Frame Corner Cleaning Profile

Used to clean and square the inside corner of the MDF door 'frame' after roughing out the profile. Completes the look of a five piece door.

Body Part #Insert Part #ShankInside Profile
7961 INS-7961 3/4 Bevel
7965 INS-7965 3/4 Large Bead (3/8”R)
7965 INS-9357 3/4 Small Bead (1/4”R)



MDF Door Raised Panle Profiles

Add the finishing detail to your MDF doors with these unique raised panel profiles. Designed to be used with the inside door frame profiles listed above.


Part #
Part #
Part #
Part #
 vortex-7963-profile.jpg 7963 INS-7963    vortex-8215-profile.jpg 8215 INS-8215
 vortex-7966-profile.jpg 7966 INS-7966    vortex-10539-profile.jpg 8215 INS-10539



Insert Shaker Door Cutter

Use this router bit to rough out the center area of a shaker style MDF door. Smaller bits are then used to clean up the corners of the recessed area.

Upshear design with two 4-sided replaceable solid carbide cutters. Avalable separately part #8300 or as a kit part #8310 which includes the tool body, a box of 10 inserts, a v-groove bit, a 1/2" mortise compression bit, and (2) 1/8" downcut bits.

Made in AmericaVortex Tool Company router bits, boring bits and CNC tooling are proudly made in the USA.

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