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Brazing Alloy Pushed Out of the Brazing Joint

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Brazing Alloy Pushed Out of the Brazing Joint

30x picture with our Proscope. 


I measured the layer of brazing alloy on the side of some places where the tips came off and it is about 0.010” to 0.013”.  I used calipers and measuring both sides at once so this is the total of both sides. 

Where the tips stayed on I got measurements of 0.006” to 0.007”. 

The tips came off where the most brazing alloy had been pushed out of the brazing joint.

There is evidence of possible gas entrapment as you can see by the bubbles in the above picture.   A very few small bubbles are common in saw blades.       

There are several other similar, very minor things possible happening but mostly this is a really good braze job.  What does concern me is that this is an automatic brazer and it looks like there is a fair amount of variation between one tip and the next in the pressure used.