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Spiral Flute Router Bits

Solid carbide spiral flute router bits are most commonly used in CNC manufacturing and create an upward or downward force on the part, resulting in very little chipout or fraying. We've got nearly every configuration of spiral bit imaginable.

Looking for slow (low helix) spirals? See our Plastic Cutting Router Bits section.



Compression Spiral Bits

Compression Spirals have an upcut / downcut geometry that gives you a clean cut on both the top and bottom of the material you are cutting.  Ideal choice for cutting plywood or laminate sheet material.



Downcut Spiral Bits

Downcut Spirals push the chips downward, leaving you a really clean finish on the top of the material.  Ideal for cutting shallow dados, rabbets, or visible slots.



Upcut Spiral bits

Upcut Spirals push chips upward out of the cut giving you efficient chip removal and a clean cut on the bottom of the material.