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Hand Files

Hand Files are available in lengths from 4" - 16" in varous styles and cuts.  Choose from American Pattern Files or Swiss Precision Files.  Select the type of file for your job or application below.


American Files:


Hand Files

Double cut, patallel diagonal rows.  Better suited for jobs that require a smooth and accurate finish.  This file can be used where a cut edge would damage the work.


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Flat Files

Double cut, single cut on edges.  This file is used for removing wood or metal at a fast rate.  Tapered in width and thickness.  Most popular of all genereal purpose files.


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Square Files

Double cut, tapers toward the point with four equalt sides.  Useful for slots, key ways, rectangular and square holes and surface work.


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Round Files

The round file is extensively used to open up holes.  It is also valuable for filling concave surfaces.  Like the half round file, it should be used with a turning motion to prevent grooving the work.


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Long Angle Lathe Files

Single cut wit both edges safe, and taper toward the point in width.  The Long Angle Lathe is primarily used for lathe work and bench filing.  The teeth are designed on a "long angle" to provide free cutting and rapid filing while leaving a smooth finish.

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Tanged Horse Rasps

Single cut on edges, a rectangular shaped rasp with teeth on one side and file teeth on the other.


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Chainsaw Files

For filing round gullets on saws.  Parallel (blunt) in shape


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Mill Files

Single cut on sides and edges.  Mill files can be used on tools where fast metal removal is required, such as sharpening mill saws, circular saws, axes, hoes, spades, knives and qgricultural equipment.

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Three Square Files

Double cut files which have fairly sharp corners are slightly set and cut.  Three Square Files are triangular in cross-sections, like tapers, and used for filing taps and all types of cutters.

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Half Round Files

Both double ad single cut.  Double cut to remove material quickly and single cut for smoother filing.  The half round file can be used for both concave and flat surfaces, due to it being flat on one side and rounded on the other.  On th econcave surfaces, the file is used with a rolling motion to prevent grooving the work.

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Wundacut Files

A versatile flat file for fast removal of metals, such as aluminum, bronze, cast iron, malleable iron and annealed carbon steel.

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Farmers Own Handy File

With handle for sharpening agricultural implements (reaper knives, etc)


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Wood Rasps

For woodworkers, plumbers, and wheelwrights.


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Taper Saw Files

These files are for sharpening saws with 60 degree angle teeth


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