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Carbide Processors

Carbide Processors has been an industry leader in providing custom tooling, quality carbide saw tips, and the best pretinning services for 30 years.  They are a great resource for information on Flux, braze alloy, pretinning and carbide, as well as a great source for getting quality carbide and flux, and the best pretinning services for a low cost.

Their success with pretinning and carbide allowed them to branch out and start producing other great products.  The world's best saw blades use a special grade of carbide for the carbide saw tips that lasts longer than standard carbide and is also tougher than standard carbide. 

Carbide Processors has also engineered a variety of filter units, all designed with the customer's needs in mind.  Carbide Processors Filter Units create a safer and cleaner workshop and can improve the quality of the tools as well. 

Carbide Processors is also a great resource for information, sells several great books, and provides custom tooling services.