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Machine Coolant Filtration Systems

Machine Coolant Filtration Units That Really Save You Money

A little over twenty years ago a customer asked us if we had any ideas about keeping his shop cleaner.   He knew about machine coolant filtration units but didn’t want to spend $15,000.   There had recently been some exciting developments in plastics which allowed us to find plastic housings that could handle the pressure.  The plastic housings were much, much cheaper than steel and incredibly cheaper than stainless steel.  

We built some inexpensive machine coolant filter units that worked to make things much cleaner:  the coolant didn’t stink anymore, one operators dermatitis cleared up, tools didn’t chip as much or as often, diamond grinding wheels lasted twice as long and the coolant stayed so good that customers ended up changing it once a year instead of once a month.

Here are sixteen of the standard machine coolant filtration units we offer.  Many were designed with and by customers.   If you have questions on machine coolant management we would be happy to help you: (800) 346-8274