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Carbide Saw Tips for Retipping


Carbide Saw Tips  

We sell Carbide Saw Tips for Retipping.  We can get just about any grade and size and love to do custom work.  We also specialize in brazing and pretin services on all the carbide we sell.  Below is our Special Super C grade of Carbide Saw Tips.  We believe it to be one of the finest grades of carbide because it can be used for so many different applications. 

Our Super C Carbide Tips can be used for a variety of applications where C1, C2, or C3 Carbide Grades would be used. The fine Structure combined with the special metallurgic formulation of the Super C binder create a carbide that is extremely wear resistant and corosion resistant, making it great for cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.  Our Super C tips have a Hardness (HRA) of 92.3 and a Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) of 537,000 psi.

Our Carbide Saw Tips sold below are all pretinned and are sold in quantities of 100.

Stump Cutter replacement tips are sold individually