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World's Best Saw Blades



World’s Best™ saw blades are manufactured with a special Cermet II tip that allows the blades to cut at faster feed rates and stay sharp longer.  With our Cermet II tipped blades you will be investing in a saw blade that gives a better edge than standard carbide tipped blades, stays sharper longer, and is more resistant to tip fracture.  The advanced technology used in Cermet II tips makes them more heat resistant than carbide, allowing you to cut at faster feed rates without harming the saw blade or burning your wood.  When it does come time to sharpen, they can be ground just like standard carbide blades, so no special sharpening is needed.

Each World's Best™ saw blade is custom made to order by Carbide Processors. It doesn't matter if you're a lumber mill, a panel processing plant, a furniture and fixture shop, or a serious home hobbiest - you simply will not find a better performing saw blade anywhere.

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Reviews from World’s Best™ saw blade users:  


“I put the ceramic tip blade on first and did several rips and crosscuts.  The cuts were glue ready.  There was no need to sand or prepare the surfaces at all.  You couldn't sand finish a cut to be any smoother than the cuts made by the ceramic tip blade.  It's pretty sad when you want to keep making cuts just to show friends how pretty the blade cuts.  I look forward to using it in the future.  I don't know how you guys did it, but I figured your product would be hard to prove against the technology of the Forrest WoodWorker II blade.  The ceramic tips you put on gave such precise cuts.  I appreciate having been given the opportunity to use your product and would recommend it to anyone.”

Barry S.   Home User, Huntsville, TX 


“We’re extremely happy with the teeth on our new six tooth blades. We cut though several strands of barbed wire embedded in a log and, while the teeth suffered a few chips, they’re still cutting.  Thank you for your craftsmanship, detailed knowledge and friendly service. We’ll be back.” 



“I must say I was very skeptical about the performance of your product. That is no longer the case and I put the blade through its paces on four different projects with 5 species of wood (hardwood). IMHO, if you put the tips on good blanks, keep the price competitive, and most importantly, provide good customer support, you will be successful.  These opinions will be reflected in my review. You may even get a 17 year Forrest blade user to change his stripes.:-) 

Ken Sharp, Home user,  Berkeley Springs, WV


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