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Gang Rip and Straightline Rip Saw Blades


World's Best™ Saw Blades for Gang Rip and Straight Line Rip Saws

With our Cermet II tipped World’s Best™ Rip Saw Blades you will be investing in a Saw Blade that gives a better edge than standard Carbide Tipped Blades, stays sharper longer, and is more resistant to tip fracture.


10"/250mm 24 0.080" 0.125" 0.625" Triple Chip Grind; 22° Hook 37208
12"/305mm 24 0.080" 0.125" 1" Triple Chip Grind; 22° Hook 37209
250mm 20 0.070" 0.11" 70mm Triple Chip Grind; 20° Hook 37218
350mm 28 0.098" 0.137" 70mm Triple Chip Grind; 22° Hook 37219