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Cermet II Saw Tips at Potter Lumber

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Cermet II Saw Tips at Potter Lumber

Report on Cermet II Saw Tips at Potter Lumber


Mr. Potter runs a hardwood mill (red Oak which is very acidic) all green logs, medium in size.  Twelve years ago the refurbished their equipment to convert to a climb cut bottom arbor edger.  He hasn’t been happy with production and wanted us to analyze his blades and make a recommendation to him on a longer lasting blade.  We gave our recomendation for Cermet Saw tips, as they have a much longer cutting life.  Read more articles about our advanced material for cutting tools.


The Cermet II WFC 7200(.500 x .200 x .125) gave him at least twice the life as the Tungsten Carbide C-2 grade he was getting from U.S. blade. Before Ni cut went out of business he was having success with there tips also.  

The Cermet II saw blades reduce the noise by over half as far as he can tell, the blades are no longer burning and he has gotten twice the life out of them.


A message from Mr. Potter:

“I am placing another order for the Cermet II tips. We are cutting a lot of pine and fir with these tips. We are now starting to cut a lot of hard woods, such as oak, alder, mahogany. We also cut a lot of the radiata wood here. We ran a test of the Cermet II tips side by side with the Jonalloy tips and they performed just as well. I hope you have a great day."

Potter Lumber

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Potter Lumber Co and Carbide Tip Life


Ted Potter Sr.  of  Potter Lumber Co. Inc.  in Allegheny, NY.  Mr. Potter called which was really nice since Potter Lumber co. is a fine, old well respected name.   Mr. Potter was not getting the run life he wanted or thought he should get.    


Re: Saw Blade Analysis

Executive summary:

1.  Both saw blades are very well made.  It looks like they could be shaper and that perhaps too much is taken off in the face grinding.   This is very hard to determine since I don’t know the edge radius of the tips originally.   


2.  The only real problem is the severe erosion of the carbide behind the cutting edge. 


Recommendation: use a tougher, more corrosion resistant grade. 


Erosion Of The Carbide


cermet_sat_tips-1.png cermet_sat_tips-2.png cermet_sat_tips-3.png
 cermet_sat_tips-7.jpg  cermet_sat_tips-8.jpg
This is a chipped edge   Same edge from side showing erosion trench behind edge


 cermet_sat_tips-9.jpg  cermet_sat_tips-10.gif

The side erodes as well.  Here you can see erosion on the sides that leaves it in about the same configuration as a hollow ground knife.  

Sawdust stuck to bottom of tip due to chemical bonding.


Corrosion Resistance & Chemical Attack 


 cermet_sat_tips-11.jpg cermet_sat_tips-12.jpg   cermet_sat_tips-13.jpg
Beaker with 50% Nitric acid  Tungsten Carbide

Cermet II

We took a beaker with a 50% solution of Nitric acid and dropped carbide and cermet II saw tips into it.  You can see by the pictures that carbide reacted vigorously with the acid.  The cloud of bubbles coming off it is proof of the reaction.  The Cermet II saw tip just sat there and did not have a visible reaction at all.