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World's Best Saw Blades - Letter From The President

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World's Best Saw Blades - Letter From The President

World's Best™ Saw Blades

A classic American story of guts over brains



This started in the 1980's when I was reading machining magazines and the results they were getting with ceramics. I decided I better get into ceramics for brazed tools.  It took ten years or so to develop the research just to keep the ceramic tips on saw blades.


It took about five years of testing and development to make saws that worked.  However they were hard to make, expensive and required very special servicing.


It took another ten years to develop a high performance ceramic that brazed and ground like carbide but ran 5 to 10 times longer with faster feeds, cooler cuts and was harder to break.


Then nobody wanted to sell it.  Why would anybody in the saw business wan to sell saw blades that lasted ten times as long when they made their money selling and sharpening blades.


In a classic American story of guts over brains I started making and selling my own blades.   


After 28 years at the top of the saw and tool industry I knew who was the best and they knew me.  Fortunately a few of them wanted to work on this project because they were bright enough to know that it was the way the industry had to go.  


So now, I am 62 years old, I have my retirement money sunk into making the finest blades in the world.  We are setting new standards for precision manufacture. We are setting new standards for the use of advanced materials and we are making truly wonderful saw blades. 


Our World's Best™ blades are selling and sales are growing through repeat business and word of mouth.     


We would appreciate it if you bought a saw blade. 

What is much more important is that you will be very happy that you did. 



Thomas J. Walz