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Tungsten Carbide Automatic Brazing Standards

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Tungsten Carbide Automatic Brazing Standards

Brazing Standards for Tungsten Carbide in Automatic Systems

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If the carbide surface meets these standards then there will be zero defects in a brazing operation where all other factors are within specifications.

 1.    100% performance in a brazing process accurate to +/ - 2 ° F and  +/- 0.1 seconds

2.    The brazing temperature will be no more than 50° F above the liquidus of the brazing alloy.  

3.    Tested for "set and forget" process.  The brazing machine is able to operate successfully in a preset cycle.   E.G.  Every batch will operate identically with every other batch of the same carbide tip size, carbide tip shape and carbide grade.

4.     No calibration is needed from batch to batch

5.    There is no minimum size test batch however the standard proof-for-manufacture test batch is one million parts in assorted sizes; shapes and grades based purely on the end users demands.  That is: the sample size should be accurate enough that the user will achieve one million parts with zero failure in production.

6.    The bond strength standard is that the carbide or the steel tool body will rip before the braze joint fails.   The entire carbide will rip instead of part ripping and the rest coming off.