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Importance of Quality Carbide

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Importance of Quality Carbide

Quality Carbide Is Important

 From the book Building Superior Brazed Tools    Buy the Book

Using good carbide is like using thin kerf saw blades.  The differences are not dramatic but they are important.   Good carbide will reduce breakage and give better quality cuts overall.  There are several types of Carbide, including advanced grades.  You can find more information about these advanced grades and tungsten carbide grades in the Carbide and advanced material section.


Choosing The Correct Grade Can Make A Huge Difference In Performance.

In our fourteen most common Tungsten Carbide grades the hardness (Rockwell A) ranges from 84.5 to 92.3, density (g/cc) runs from 13.5 to 15.05 and Transverse Rupture Strength (psi.) goes from 270,000 to 400,000 - Obviously the differences in carbide wear and impact resistance from the top to the bottom are huge.