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Tenryu- Making Quality Blades since 1910

Our engineering staff considers these Tenryu blades to be the finest, general purpose, saws you can find. The total runout is an incredible 0.002". The tips use an advanced carbide blend and have a unique geometry for quiet, smooth cutting and long life. There is excellent side clearance so the action is all cutting and no rubbing.The plates are flat and the fit and finish is truly beautiful.

Tenryu uses only modern, advanced grades of carbide for longer cutting life. Depending on the application; the carbide tips have Titanium, Tantalum and/or Niobium added to increase lubricity for smoother faster cuts. Tenryu adds Vanadium for grain growth control to create a stronger, void free material. This also helps with heat management by putting the cutting heat into the chip instead of the blade. Resin filled, laser expansion slots for reduced vibration means the blade runs truer and up to 10 decibels quieter.

Each of the Tenryu Saw Blades use individually hand-hammered, tensioned saw plates for true run. The saw blades are polish ground for incredible smoothness. All angles of the saw tip geometry are carefully calculated to help reduce the heat build-up and give clean and fast cuts.

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