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Tenryu Saw Blade Reviews

Read what people are saying about Tenryu Saw Blades


If you have ever used a Tenryu Saw Blade, then you probably know first hand how incredible these saw blades are.  Below are a few reviews from customers that have used Tenryu saw blades.  There are also plenty more Tenryu Saw Blade Reviews that can be found under our reviews tab.


Tenryu MP-25580AB Miter-Pro Plus Saw Blade... Best Miter Saw Blade

Customer Reviews:

  • Let me start by saying the MP-305100AB has found a permanent home in the miter saw. Never have I had such glass smooth cuts from that tool.


  • As for the tablesaw blade, I have to say that the blade cuts beautifully.


  • Tenryu is a top-notch company that produces a premium blade. The cut quality certainly justifies its cost.


Wood Whisperer

The Tenryu GM-25540 “Gold Medal” is the upper end of Tenryu’s vast collection of saw blades. It features a fairly standard 40 tooth alternating top bevel (ATB) tooth configuration that’s suitable for a wide range of tasks. It sports large C4 micrograin carbide teeth that should hold an edge well and will withstand several sharpenings. The Gold Medal is a top shelf blade that’s very comparable in design and performance to the industry standard Forrest WWII 40T. At roughly $100, the Gold Medal doesn’t come cheap, but neither does it’s strongest competitors like the WWII, TS2000, Super General, or Fusion. Like any high end general purpose blade, it offers versatile performance with a nice compromise of glueline ripping ability, clean crosscuts, and good performance in sheet goods.

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