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Plunge cutting


Tenryu PLUNGE-CUT Saw Blades

TENRYU proudly introduces a new choice of quality saw blades for plunge cut saws.
These blades are suitable for the FESTOOL® TS55 & TS75 machines and others


5 years R&D work and study for the ultimate plunge-cut saw blades in various applications.  These blades are ideal for use on the Festool TS55 and Festool TS75 machines.

  • Resin filled laser cut slots to reduce cutting noise and vibration.
  • PTFE coated plate to reduce pitch build-up and to lower resistance.
  • Select grade of carbide tips for industrial quality jobs.
  • ATAF shear face grind for splinter-free cross cuts.

Place your order for Tenryu Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day
Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day



PSW-16012CBD2 160mm 12 20mm ATB .087" 20 9250 Wood (Rip cuts)
PSW-16028CBD2 160mm 28 20mm ATB .087" 15 9250 Wood (Combination)
PSW-16048AB2 160mm 48 20mm ATAFR .087 10 9250 Wood (Cross cuts)
PSW-16052CB2TK 160mm 52 20mm ATAF .063 15  9250 Wood (Cross cuts & Finishing) with Riving knife
PSL-16048ABM2 160mm 48 20mm ATAFR .087" -5 9250 Melamine
PSL-16048D2 160mm 48 20mm TCG .087" 5 9250 Laminate Flooring
PSA-16056D2 160mm 56 20mm TCG .087" -3 9250 Aluminum
PSW-16052CB2TK 160mm 52 20mm ATAF .063" 15 9250 Wood (Finish cuts) with Riving Knife
PSW-21018CBD3 210mm 18 30mm ATB .094" 20  7300 Wood (Fast Ripping)
PSW-21036CBD3 210mm 36 30mm ATB .087" 15  7300 Wood (Combination)
PSW-21054AB3 210mm 54 30mm ATAFR .087" 10 7300  Wood (Crosscut, Finishing)
PSL-21052D3 210mm 52 30mm TCG .094" 5  7300 Laminate, composite
PSA-21068D3 210mm 68 30mm TCG .094" -3  7300 Aluminum

**Click here for grind definitions