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Changing Coolant and Filters

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Changing Coolant and Filters

How Often to Change Machine Coolant and Filters


Changing Machine Coolant

Machine coolant should probably be changed once a year. Some folks do it every six months and some do it every other year.  More than twice a year is generally excessive.  For more information on Filter units, and how to change them refer to our Filtering Machine Coolant Index. 



Reasons to Change Filters Monthly 

Your Machine Coolant Filter Unit from Carbide Processors is designed for monthly filter changes. You can go two or three months between filter changes if you wish. However if you go longer than one month then the filters become very hard to change. At one month you just pull the old filters out and put new ones in. It takes a few minutes.  If you go three months you will pack three times the oil, grease and ground carbide in the filter housings and it will be very hard to remove.


Old filter left and new filter right showing how much oil and grease the CP filter unit traps.


One Month

Five Easy Minutes

Two Months or More

Up To Twenty Minutes of Hard Dirty Work




The filters slide or pull  

 out easily.





You get a cake like hard packed clay surrounding the filter making it impossible to remove until you dig the cake out. Digging the filter out can take up to twenty minutes and it is messy, unpleasant work.