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Saw Blade Sharpening

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Saw Blade Sharpening

Below are some saw blade sharpening articles from Lowell Freeborn's Carbide Saw Manual as well as articles we have written over the years.  For more articles on Saw Blades refer back to the Industrial Saw Blade Index.  To buy a copy of Mr. Freeborn's book click here

1.   When to Sharpen Saw Blades

2.   Re-sharpening Saw Blades

3.   Cleaning Saw Blades Before Sharpening

4.   Saw Sharpening Procedures

5.   Saw Sharpening Guidelines

6.   Hammering Saw Blades

7.   Grinding Saw Blades

8.   Diamond Grinding

9.   Top Grinding

10. Side Grinding

11. Face Grinding

12. Inspecting Sharpened Saw Blades

Need your saw blades sharpened?

It is best to find a Sharpening shop locally, but if you can't find one that you trust, we are more than happy to sharpen your saw blades & router bits for you. We use a saw sharpening service that is a great value considering the quality.  For a price list or quote, just email us at, or call us Toll Free: 1-800-346-8274.