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Grinding Saw Blades

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Grinding Saw Blades

Grinding Carbide Saws

Lowell Freeborn  

This operation is accomplished in three stages.  The first stage is Facing.  The second stage is Side Grinding . And the third is Top Grinding. These grinding stages must be followed in this one, two, three stage method because of the following reasons.  

The number one stage, Facing, is done first in order to true up the face and prepare it for an index finger to squarely fit against it.  Facing is generally a hand operation and does not require exact indexing.  

The number two stage is Side Grinding to establish the correct distance from each side of the plate in order to finish with the Top Grinding and to be able to dial tooth height the same on the O.D.. 

Grinding a carbide saw properly is where the so-called men are separated from the boys, or the good mechanics separated from the poor ones.  

Following are the three stages outlined in more detail.  You can also return to the Saw Blade Sharpening Index for more articles.  

Top Grinding  

Side Grinding

Face Grinding