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Disposing of Carbide Sludge

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Disposing of Carbide Sludge

What follows is based on U.S, and Canadian laws. Individual states, provinces, cities, etc. may have their own regulations. We believe that this information will apply in 98% of all cases but we cannot guarantee it 100% in any individual area.  For mor information on Machine Coolant refer to the Machine Coolant Filtration Index.


Not Hazardous Waste
You can collect your waste coolant, swarf, etc put it in barrels or other containers labeled :


Carbide Grinding Coolant
Held for Recycling


In most places material held for recycling is not a hazardous waste since it is not waste at all. The sign can be made from a sheet of plain 8 1/2 x 11 paper using a magic marker and scotch taped to the container. We use peel & stick sheets we run through the printer.


Sell as much as you can.
Sell the collected swarf where you sell scrap carbide. Empty the bag filter out and let the collected swarf dry. The scrap dealer is primarily interested in the cobalt. There is not a whole lot of money in it but it is generally easier and cheaper than paying to have it hauled away.


Classify the filter properly
The filter is full of carbide, diamond, binder, oil and grease. Typically it is legal to call it an oil filter. If it is an oil filter, (which it is since it does filter oil) you can dispose of it as service stations dispose of oil filters from an automobile. Often this is a matter of letting it drain, crushing the filter and then throwing it in the trash.


Recycle the coolant
Quite often having the coolant recycled can save a lot of money. A good filter system will keep the coolant clean to where it needs to be replaced once a year. Have the old coolant recycled and use it for make up coolant over the course of a year.