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CNC Toolholders

CNC tool holders, arbors and CNC pull studs (retention knobs) to fit most woodworking CNC's including KOMO, Thermwood, CMS and more.  CNC Toolholders are essential for a secure connection between the machining and the cutting tool.  The Toolholder fits into the center spindle of the machine and works to secure the CNC Cutting Tool by clamping into its shank.  All CAT, and BT toolholders have a conical taper that matches the interface of the particular spindle.  HSK toolholders are not tapered, but have flanges that securely lock the toolholder in place.  

Typically you will want to secure the cutting tool in the toolholder with a collet that is tightened around the tool using a collet nut.  There are also hydraulic toolholders that compresses a bladder of Hydraulic fluid to keep the tool in place.  There are also shrink fit toolholders that take advantage of thermal expansion/contraction by heating or cooling the toolholder's metal.  Toolholders aim to provide not just secure holding capability, but also tool concentricity to the centerline of the spindle.


BT30 and BT35 CNC Tool Holders

Tool holders for ER and SYOZ collets.



ISO and SK CNC Tool Holders

Tool holders for Andi, Weeke, Thermwood, CMS and others.



ISO 30 and HSK 63F Arbors

Arbors from 40mm to 112mm.


HSK CNC Tool Holders

HSK E and F collet tool holders

 Hydraulic CNC Toolholder  

Hydraulic Toolholders

For 3/4" and 1" Shank

 Hydraulic Toolholder Reducing Sleeve  

 Hydraulic Toolholder Reducers

Metric and Inch sizes

CNC Pull Stud  

CNC Pull Studs

Pull Studs (Retention Knobs) for BT, KOMO, Colombo, HSD and other CNC applications.