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Tongue and Groove Bits

Whiteside Tongue and Groove bits are great choice for joining wood paneling, flooring, parquet and other similar home projects.  Tongue and Groove bits create a secure joint for pieces being joined end-to-end.  Choose from different types of tongue and groove sets from Whiteside to get the desired joint you need. 

We offer Whiteside Straight Tongue and Groove for making a simple tongue and groove joint.  With a straight tonjue and groove set, one cutter makes a groove cut and the other makes a corresponding ridge or tongue that fits perfectly into the groove.  

For a stronger glue joint, try Whiteside's Wedge tongue and groove set.  The Wedge shape of the tongue creates a greater gluing surface, allowing for a stronger glue joint.

The V-Panel Tongue and Groove set allows you to get the same tongue and groove style assembly, but with a decoratibe V grove along the length of the joint.

Whiteside Tongue and Groove assembly bit allows you to make both a tongue and a groove with the same bit.