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Stainless Steel Tools

Wera Stainless Steel ToolsWera Stainless Steel Tools are vacuum Ice-hardened and have the hardness and strength needed for any workshop application.

Why do you need Wera Stainless steel tools?

Stainless Steel is used in a lot of tooling because of it’s ability to not rust.

If you use tools that are made out of conventional steel on stainless steel parts, the wear particles can be transferred from the conventional steel onto the stainless steel parts. If this happens, the conventional steel particles can adhere to the stainless steel and cause the surface to rust.

This effect is called extraneous rust. Extraneous rust can impair the look and the structural strength of the stainless steel parts. With Wera Stainless Steel tools, you eliminate the possibility of extraneous rust and ensure you stainless steel parts stay stainless.