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Jobber Length, Combination Sizes

Triumph Jobber Combination Size Drill Sets includes fractional, wire, and letter size drill bits to suit every application.  Triumph drill bits offer precision penetration and accurate starting.  Don’t allow your project to be damaged by walking or scarring.  Made from high quality materials with a variety of finishes, the Triumph Jobber set is built to last.  

Triumph Twist Drill 115 Pc Set - Fractional, Wire and Letter Sizes


115 Piece, 1/16 - 1/2 by 64ths, #1-#60, A-Z

T123 115 Piece, General Purpose, Bright Finish 090560
T123B 115 Piece, General Purpose, Black Oxide 099832
T123D 115 Piece, Heavy-Duty, Black Oxide 090561
T123C 115 Piece, Cobalt, Bronze Oxide 099831
T123HD 115 Piece, ThunderBit®, Black & Bronze Oxide 099862