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HSK Tool Holders for CNC Routers

We provide quality HSK tool holders for CNC routers that can greatly increase the life of your cutting tools.  TIR or Total indicator runout is the measure of concentricity of the cutting tool in the tool holder.  TIR is measured in one ten-thousnadths of an inch.  A CNC Tool Holder's TIR can drastically affect the life of your cutting tools.  The life of your Cutting tool decreases by 10% for every .0001" TIR.  The rigidity and accuracy of our CNC Tool Holders minimizes TIR and increases tool life.  Quality CNC Tool holders can actually increase tool life by 150% or more.  Get the most life out of your cutting tools and make sure you have qualtiy CNC tool holders.

HSK E and HSK F tool holders are more rigid than conventional steep taper tooling.  Our HSK E series and HSK F series Tool Holders are designed for new higher speed cutting tools and allow high feeds and speeds to be achieved.

When you combine our precision HSK toolholder accuracy with our high speed collet nut you get exceptional performance.

Our toolholders are balanced to the tightest specification to ensure long spindle bearing life.


HSK E Collet Tool Holders - Southeast Tool

DescriptionDd1L1L2Collet NutWrenchPart #
HSK 32E x ER25 32mm 42mm 60mm 45mm   SE04615 SE31374-60
HSK 40E x ER16 - 65 40mm 28mm 65mm 45mm SE46116 SE04613 SE8905001
HSK 40E x ER25 - 75 40mm 42mm 75mm 55mm SE46125 SE04615 SE8905002
HSK 40E x ER32 - 100 40mm 50mm 100mm 80mm SE46132 SE04616 SE8905003
HSK 50E x ER32 - 85 50mm 50mm 85mm 59mm SE46132 SE04616 SE8505002
HSK 63E x ER32 - 90 63mm 50mm 90mm 64mm SE46132 SE04616 SE8605002
HSK 63E x ER40 - 120 63mm 63mm 120mm 94mm SE46140 SE04617 SE8605003
HSK 63E x ER40 - 75 63mm 63mm 75mm 49mm SE46140 SE04617 SE50001


HSK F Collet Tool Holders - Southeast Tool

DescriptionDAFNCollet NutWrenchPart #
HSK 50F x ER32 - 80mm 50mm 80mm 26mm 50mm 46132 4616 SE40050
HSK 63F x ER16 - 60mm 63mm 60mm 26mm 32mm 46116 4613 SE17105-008001
HSK 63F x ER16 - 100mm 63mm 100mm 26mm 32mm 46116 4613 SE17105-008002
HSK 63F x ER32 - 70mm 63mm 70mm 26mm 50mm 46132 4616 SE30000
HSK 63F x ER40 - 76mm 63mm 76mm 26mm 63mm 46140 4617 SE30001
HSK 63F x ER40 - 90mm 63mm 90mm 26mm 63mm 46140 4617 SE30002
HSK 63F x ER40 - 125mm 63mm 125mm 26mm 63mm 46140 4617 SE30005
HSK 63F x SYOZ 25 - 80mm 63mm 80mm 26mm 60mm 3638 3691 SE41025