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Rip and Gang Saw Blades - ATB

Popular Tools Circular Rip saw blades for gang saws are designed for ripping soft or hard woods where a strong grain pattern can cause the saw to drift and follow the grain. The ATB design on these saws helps to maintain direction and provide a clean, straight cut. These rip saw blades from Popular Tools can be bored out to fit most gang saws. Please Contact Us for information on this service.

Place your order for Popular Tools Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day

Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.

DiameterTeethBoreKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
7 1/4in 24T 5/8in .110in .079in ATB 20deg RS72524
8in 24T 5/8in .118in .079in ATB 20deg RS824
8 1/2in 24T 5/8in .118in .087in ATB 20deg RS85024
10in 24T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB 20deg RS1024
10in 30T 5/8in .134in .094in ATB 20deg RS1030
12in 24T 1in .134in .094in ATB 20deg RS1224
12in 24T 70mm, 2 key* .134in .094in ATB 20deg RS1224K
12in 36T 1in .126in .087in ATB 20deg RS1236
12in 36T 1in .134in .094in ATB 20deg RS1236134

*RS1224K- 70mm bores have two 20mm x 5mm keyways for SCM Rip Saws.