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Non-Ferrous or Aluminum Cutting Saw Blades

Popular Tools uses a specially formulated carbide to make these aluminum cutting saw blades suitable for all kinds of non-ferrous metal. These Non Ferrous Cutting saw blades are great for Cutting sheets, extrusions, or light solids of aluminum, copper, and brass.

Every Popular Tools aluminum cutting saw blades must pass a strict quality control and are made with the flatest plate, thick carbide teeth to endure more sharpenings and yields a runout of .002" or less.  Choose from a incredibe range of sizes that are designed to fit on a wide range of machines. 

Clamp material firmly and lubricate blade with cutting fluid. Do not use on steel or other ferrous metals.

Place your order for Popular Tools Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day

Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.

DiameterTeethBore & Pinhole mmKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
3 7/8in 20T 3/8in .134in .110in TCG 5deg NF3782038
4in 20T 3/4in .095in .062in TCG 0deg NF420Q
4 1/2in 20T 3/4in .095in .062in TCG 0deg NF45020Q
7 1/4in 40T 5/8in .118in .087in TCG -5deg NF72540
7 1/4in 60T 5/8in .087in .058in TCG 0deg NF760
8in 48T 5/8in .126in .094in TCG -5deg NF848
8in 60T 5/8in .126in .094in TCG -5deg NF860
8in 80T 5/8in .130in .083in TCG 5deg NF880
8 1/2in 60T 5/8in .102in .071in TCG -5deg NF85060
9in 60T 5/8in .134in .102in TCG -5deg NF960
250mm 80T 30mm, 2/7/42 3.0mm 2.2mm TCG 0deg NF2503080
10in 60T 5/8in .118in .087in TCG -5deg NF1060EX
10in 60T 5/8in .134in .102in TCG -5deg NF1060
10in 80T 5/8in .118in .087in TCG -5deg NF1080EX
10in 80T 5/8in .134in .110in TCG -5deg NF1080
10in 100T 5/8in .118in .094in TCG -5deg NF1010118
10in 100T 5/8in .134in .110in TCG -5deg NF1010
10in 120T 5/8in .087in .055in FTG 10deg NF1012
275mm 80T 32mm 3.2mm 2.4mm TCG 0deg NF2753280
300mm 90T 32mm 3.2mm 2.4mm TCG -5deg NF30090
300mm 100T 30mm, 2+2 PH 3.4mm 2.6mm TCG -5deg NF3003010
12in 80T 5/8in .126in .110in TCG -5deg NF1280P
12in 80T 1in .142in .118in TCG -5deg NF1280
12in 100T 5/8in .126in .110in TCG -5deg NF1210P
12in 100T 1in .134in .94in TCG 0deg NF1210EX
12in 100T 1in .142in .118in TCG -5deg NF1210
12in 120T 5/8in .126in .95in TCG -5deg NF1212P
12in 120T 1in .126in .110in TCG -5deg NF1212
330mm 90T 32mm 3.4mm 2.8mm TCG -5deg NF3303290
350mm 60T 30mm 3.2mm 2.5mm TCG -5deg NF3503060
350mm 84T 30mm 3.2mm 2.5mm TCG -5deg NF3503084
350mm 84T 32mm, 4/12/64 3.2mm 2.2mm TCG -5deg NF3503284
350mm 84T 40mm, 2/9/55 + 4/12/64 3.6mm 3.0mm TCG -5deg NF3504084
350mm 108T 32mm, 4/12/64 3.2mm 2.2mm TCG -5deg NF35032108
350mm 120T 1in 3.2mm 2.2mm TCG -5deg NF350120
13" 120T 1in .126in .110in TCG -5deg NF1312
14in 40T 1in .150in .126in TCG -5deg NF1440
14in 48T 32mm .150in .126in TCG -5deg NF1448
14in 80T 1in .150in .126in TCG -5deg NF1480
14in 100T 5/8in .150in .126in TCG -5deg NF1410P
14in 100T 1in .157in .130in TCG -5deg NF1410
14in 120T 5/8in .146in .118in TCG -5deg NF1412P
14in 120T 1in .157in .130in TCG -5deg NF1412
380mm 100T 32mm 3.8mm 3.2mm TCG 0deg NF38032100
15in 80T 1in .126in .102in TCG -5deg NF1580
15in 100T 1in .126in .102in TCG -5deg NF1510
400mm 72T 30mm 4.2mm 3.4mm TCG 0deg NF4003072
400mm 100T 30mm 4.2mm 3.4mm TCG -5deg NF4003010
16in 60T 1in .165in .134in TCG -5deg NF1660
16in 80T 1in .165in .142in TCG -5deg NF1680
16in 100T 1in .165in .134in TCG -5deg NF1610
16in 120T 1in .157in .130in CTC -5deg NF1612
420mm 96T 30mm 4.2mm 3.4mm TCG 0deg NF4203096
450mm 96T 30mm 4.2mm 3.4mm TCG 0deg NF4503096
18in 60T 1in .230in .150in TCG -5deg NF1860
18in 72T 1 1/2in .176in .142in TCG 0deg NF1872MS
18in 100T 1in .176in .138in TCG -5deg NF1810
18in 120T 1in .180in .150in CTC -5deg NF1812
500mm 100T 30mm, 4/12/64 4.6mm 3.8mm TCG 0deg NF5003010
500mm 100T 30mm, 4/12/64 4.0mm 3.2mm TCG 5deg NF5003010F
500mm 120T 30mm, 4/12/64 4.6mm 3.8mm TCG 0deg NF5003012
500mm 120T 30mm, 4/12/64 4.0mm 3.2mm TCG 5deg NF5003012F
500mm 120T 32mm, 4/12/64 4.6mm 3.8mm TCG 0deg NF5003212
500mm 160T 30mm 4.0mm 3.2mm TCG 5deg NF5003016F
500mm 160T 30mm 4.0mm 3.2mm TCG 5deg NF5003016FL
20in 40T 1in .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2040
20in 60T 1in .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2060
20in 60T 1 1/2in, 1 pin .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2060MS
20in 72T 1in .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2072
20in 72T 1 1/2in, 1 pin .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2072MS
20in 80T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2080
20in 100T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2010
20in 120T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2012
20in 160T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2016
550mm 100T 30mm 4.6mm 3.8mm TCG 0deg NF5503010
550mm 120T 30mm 4.6mm 3.8mm TCG 0deg NF5503012
22in 60T 1 1/2in, 1 pin .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2260MS
22in 96T 40mm, 4/12/64 .190in .155in TCG -5deg NF2296ES
22in 100T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2210
22in 120T 1in .180in .150in TCG -5deg NF2212
22in 150T 1in .180in .150in TCG 0deg NF2215
24in 48T 1in .235in .165in CTC 0deg NF2448
24in 60T 1in .205in .165in TCG 5deg NF2460
24in 60T 1 1/2in, 1 pin .205in .165in TCG 5deg NF2460MS
24in 72T 1in .205in .165in TCG 5deg NF2472
24in 72T 1 1/2in, 2 pins .205in .165in TCG 5deg NF2472MS
24in 80T 1in .205in .165in TCG -5deg NF2480
24in 100T 1in .205in .165in TCG -5deg NF2410
24in 120T 1in .205in .165in TCG -5deg NF2412
24in 160T 1in .210in .165in TCG -5deg NF2416
24in 160T 30mm .205in .165in TCG -5deg NF243016
26in 48T 1in .235in .165in CTC 0deg NF2648
26in 72T 1in .230in .181in TCG 2deg NF2672
26in 80T 1in .235in .165in TCG 0deg NF2680
26in 120T 1in .235in .165in TCG 0deg NF2612
28in 72T 1 1/2in, 2 pins .230in .180in CTC 2deg NF2872MS
28in 80T 1 1/2in, 1+1 pin .240in .181in TCG 0deg NF2880MS
28in 150T 1in .235in .165in TCG 0deg NF2815
30in 120T 1in .248in .200in TCG 2deg NF3012

*For Metal saw plate saws.