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Vortex Tool Reviews

To those interested:


     For almost two years now, we’ve been using the Vortex dovetail drawer system.  I wanted to let you know how much easier this has made our dovetail drawer operation. 

     We purchased a CR Onsrud Router and AlphaCAM design package to aid in several aspects of our custom cabinet production several years ago.  At that time, we decided the Vortex tool system would fit well within our production process, and chose to take the leap.  Since we almost exclusively build custom cabinetry, the drawer sizes can vary greatly from job to job.  This made the nesting feature difficult to use, unless we had a way to rather quickly create a vast library of drawer parts, as well as a way to transfer certain file sizes and quantities to a particular customer’s folder.  Through the use of variables and constraints within AlphaCAM, we were able to create template files for the dovetail drawers that can now be changed to fit the various parameters unique to a particular job.  We’ve now been using this process for nearly two years, and I’m happy to say that it saves us time and gives a nicer looking drawer than when we routed all the drawer parts by hand.  The drawer parts come off the CR Onsrud router amazingly precise and ready to assemble, although we choose to add a bullnose roundover to the top edges.  The overall process has saved us many, many shop hours with only a small increase in design time. 






We are using, tool #3189XP. This completely solved our laminate chipping problem on a shallow dado groove. The small compression on this bit both cleared the waste and gave us a perfect cut. Surprisingly also was the tool life on this bit, which lasted 3 months of cutting high production, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of  30,000 feet or more of double pass, single step grooves. That is extraordinary for us, especially with the laminates being produced these days (brittle and hard on tooling).

John Paul



We have been using a Biesse 7.40 FT for 5 years extensively and even though I’ve tested other tools, I found one I like.  I have been using Vortex’s 3189 ever since we bought the machine.  When I first started cutting, we were getting 223 -243 sheets with this tool cutting 4x8 ¾ Plywood and 4x9 5/8 Melamine.   Cabinet parts is what we cut, but lots of drawer box parts too.


When I found out that Vortex was coming out with the XP Series, I immediately ordered one.  When it arrived I installed it and 260 sheets later it’s cutting my melamine just perfect with NO CHIPPING.   I looked at the tool today, and it’s showing no wear to the cutting edge but could not wait to write this review as I feel we might hit 300-320 sheets.  The grade of materials we use are above average, but I do find trash in the plywood and melamine often but it gets cut into sawdust.   Eventually, when the chipping occurs, I’ll send the tool back to Vortex for them to sharpen, and hopefully add to this review when I test the sharpened tool.



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