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Super C Nail Cutting Saw Tip

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Super C Nail Cutting Saw Tip

(This is a letter from our customer and his customer.  Dave Cessna is smart and pays a lot of attention to what really works and what doesn’t.  We are very proud that he likes our tips.) 

“Dear all at Carbide Processors. 

Thank you for the WC7200N tips.  They look very nice.  What they can do is even better.  I have proven the tips over many years.  We have a 26” x 20 Kant gang here at the mill. 

I once witnessed sawing badly frozen white oak for two days without a chipped tooth.  The logs were so nasty , the head saw operator had to stop every half hour to grind the blade.  We were running 28 blades in the gang at that time .  The teeth we had in the gang before broke down terribly. 



Another Testimonial

I am sending the letter I told you about from one of my portable mill customers.  This is what he thinks of the tips. 

Thanks for your help.

Dave (Dave Cessna )

Dave's Sharpening Service

The Carbide Saw Specialist

Winchester, VA 22602”         



We’re extremely happy with the teeth on our new six tooth blades.  We cut though several strands of barbed wire embedded in a log and, while the teeth suffered a few chips, they’re still cutting. 

Thank you for your craftsmanship, detailed knowledge and friendly service.  We’ll be back.”