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Brazed Ceramics Outperform Tungsten Carbide Four to One

          New Technology permits cemented and solid ceramics to be brazed in a manner identical to tungsten carbide, with similar costs and strengths, reports Northwest Research Institute Inc., Tacoma, Wash.  Tests of TiCN/NiCr at Forintek, Canada’s wood products research institute in Vancouver, B.C., have shown results at least four times better that tungsten carbide when cutting wood.  In addition to longer tool life, the ceramics made cleaner cuts and generated higher value lumber.  These results were achieved with cemented ceramics, which were used in the same way as tungsten carbide.  Preliminary field tests have shown even better results when TiCN is fed faster than tungsten carbide.

          Similar results have been achieved with both alumina-based materials and cermets acting as hones in automotive cylinders.  Both are said to give finer finishes in less time than traditional materials.

          For more information: Thomas J. Walz, President, Northwest Research Institute/Carbide Processors Inc., 3847 S. Union Ave., Tacoma, WA 98409; tel: 800/346-8274; fax: 253/476-1321; e-mail:;  Web site:             Circle 132