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Machine Coolant Filtration Overview

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Machine Coolant Filtration Overview

Would you buy a new car or truck and never change it's oil?  If you did change it's oil, would you drive it without changing the filter? 

Dirty machine coolant costs a shop a huge amount of money in bad work, worn equipment, tool costs, machine coolant costs and labor costs. 

Below is a brief overview of why Machine Coolant should be filtered and how filtering your machine coolant can improve quality of work in the shop, create a safer work environment, and reduce damage to equipment.  For more articles on Filtration refer to our machine coolant filtration index. 

The Enemies

Surfing Dinosaur - This is a 60x picture of an aluminum chip welded to a piece of carbide. It is too small to be taken out as a chip but more than big enough to fracture expensive tooling.


 Huge amounts of very fine abrasive material That cake of carbide and diamond came from that bottle of machine coolant)  


Tramp oils and greases - We poured used machine coolant in a graduated cylinder and let the machine coolants, oils and greases layer out) 


Bacteria and Fungus - the yellow ring and the green and yellow in the middle are all bacteria and fungus gowths in machine coolant.

The Science  


 Fractured Tooling.  Dirty machine coolant shortens tool and diamond wheel life  


Aluminum chip fused to carbide from dirty machine coolant 


Sludge filtered from a sump


 Magnified diamond and carbide in machine coolant  


 75 million particles on this paper from filter analysis of dirty machine coolant 

The Solutions

CP 2002    Best selling stand alone unit  


CP 2002 Wall Mount  Filter Unit - Our Best Selling Unit


 CP 2020 Wall Mount for straight oil coolants