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Machine Coolant Filtering Successes

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Machine Coolant Filtering Successes

The shop is West Coast Saws in Tacoma WA. at 2725 S. Ash St and it is owned by Brian Wallinger. 

 They grind saws and tools within one - one thousandth of an inch and have a computerized video inspection system that examines and records the exact shape and location of each saw tooth.  The grinder rep estimates that they get about twice the service life between rebuilds compared to some other shops because of the excellent maintenance.   They have a dedicated one -micron filter system operating constantly on each machine. 

Refer to our  Filtration Index for more articles on how filtering can inmrove the quality of your work and cut costs. 


 Tests run at West Coast Saws in Tacoma WA.  All figures are for five grinders run constantly for two shifts a day. Tests run Dec. 97 through April 98

¨       Coolant savings of $5,500 per year - $1,100 per grinder per year

¨       Sump changes went from once a month to once every six months

¨       Diamond wheel life increased by 30 to 50% - save $3,000 to $10,000 per year

Less wear on expensive machines - save $2,000 to $8,000 per year

Points of interest:

1.  The machines and the floor are all clean enough to reflect light

2.  The unit has a one foot by 2 foot  - footprint. 

3.  Long hoses allow it to be put beside or behind a machine. 

4.  The small footprint unit still holds all the grinding swarf from saw grinding double shift for a month - approximately 3600 saws

5.  The unit is entirely independent of the grinder. 

6.  In one photo you can see part of a second unit in the left foreground.

7.  The units have a mounted receptacle for Lock out - Tag out requirements.

8.  The units are equipped with a GFCI for operator safety


A   The CP 2000 filter system








B. Long shot of CP2020


1.  Clean white T-shirt

2.  Machines arranged in a cell with one operator running more than one machine.

3.  Saw on wooden cart in front left

4.  Good shot of GFCI protected plug on filter unit

5.  The shop is clean enough that the operator is wearing a white shirt.


C. The CP 2020 system

1.  The unit sits under the control panel so it does not take up floor space.   It is still a one-foot by two-foot footprint.


D. Long shot of shop with CP 2002 in foreground

1.  There is absorbent litter on the floor because of splashing due to the size of the saw on the left.

2.  There is some splash on the floor but nothing on the machines.  These machines are wiped down each night and cleaned each Saturday.  . 

3.  These are precision saw grinding machines and are entirely automatic

5.  There is no haze in the shop - the air is clear