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Cleaning Coolant with Oil Only Pillows

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Cleaning Coolant with Oil Only Pillows

Easy, Simple, Cheap Way to Take tramp Oil out of Water Based Machine Coolant.

Below is a simple and inexpensive way to extract tramp oil from water based machine coolant.  Take a look at some of our other Machine Coolant Articles for ways to remove bacteria from Machine Coolant, or machine coolant management program that will remove particles.

Tramp oil clogs diamond wheels and shortens their life.  It also makes the wheel grind hot as you need more pressure to get them to cut.  This tip was cracked by heat during grinding.  The wheel was dull and / or clogged so it rubbed instead of cutting.


This would have prevented it.   This is a polypropylene pillow that attracts tramp oil but not water based coolants. 





 Here we are pouring machine coolant into a bowl.  Next we add some oil, you can see the oil as a big glob in the coolant.   




We dipped the pillow in and let it sit a minute.  When we pulled the pillow out you can see there is oil and only oil on it. 



Here is the coolant with almost all the oil taken out of it. You can that see it took out oil but not coolant.  There are a couple really small oil bubbles in the picture under the pillow.  This is a small pillow, about airline size.   We also sell larger pillows, sausages and pom poms.