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Huot CNC ToolTowers stand 36" tall with three shelves to store all your CNC toolholders. Units can be stacked* for double the capcity in the same footprint. Made in the USA from sturdy 16 ga steel.

  • Shelves include nylon inserts to protect your valuable toolholders
  • Durable baked epoxy finish
  • Shelves can be mounted in 7 positions for complete spacing control
  • 65 lb weight can be shipped via standard UPS

Each ToolTower is designed to store a specific style of toolholder however optional shelves to mix and match toolholders. Optional utility shelves can be added to either side of the ToolTower for holding collet racks or mounting the Huot Toolholder Vice.

*Floor mounted CNC tool storage racks, especially when stacked, should be bolted to the floor for optimum stability and safety.