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Insulated Screwdriver Blades

Create an insulated screwdriver set with interchangeable blades that is tailored to your own specific needs with these handles and blades from both Wiha and Felo

The Wiha Insulated Screwdriver Blades feature a special shaft that is no larger than the diameter of the tip. This makes them perfect for getting at recessed screws where the insulation of other screwdrivers would prevent the blade from getting into the hole.

The Insulated Screwdriver Blades from Felo serve double duty as precision screwdrivers. Meant to fit into the E-Smart Screwdriver Handle, these screwdriver blades come with a removable rotating end cap. This unique feature allows them to be used in higher torque applications with the separate screwdriver handle or just like any other precision screwdriver for more delicate work.