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CNC Collet Nuts

We've got CNC Collet Nuts for all types of CNC collets including ER, SYOZ, and all Shoda types. Pick up some dust shields as well to keep your tool holder nuts performing like new.  Use "Power Coated" nuts to increase the holding power and safety of your tool holders.  Higher holding power can extend the cutting tool life and improve surface finish.

CNC Collet Nut Dust Covers  

Dust Shields

Dust Shields for tool shank sizes from 3/16" to 3/4.
Used to keep dust and glue residue from building up on CNC collet nuts during machining.

ER High Speed Coated Collet Nut  

ER Collet Nuts

ER and ER Mini collet nuts in sizes ER8 thru ER40.
Available in standard and ultra high speed coated versions.

Super Shoda CNC Collet Nut  

Shoda Collet Nuts

Shoda collet nuts for Old Style, New Style, Piggyback and Super Shoda.

Ultra High Speed Coated CNC Collet Nut  

SYOZ 20 & 25 Collet Nuts

Ultra high speed coated collet nuts for SYOZ 20/25 (RDO 20/35).
Avalable in both RH and LH thread.


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